The Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) at Group Health

Group Health is proud to be part of Washington State Department of Labor & Industries' network of Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHE).

COHEs improve health outcomes for injured workers by basing care around Occupational Health best practices, which are developed by an extensive review of medical literature by health experts. COHEs work harder for patients by employing these best practices, and by facilitating connection, communication, and coordination between the worker, the employer, and the provider.

COHE for Injured Workers

Injured workers benefit from care that's based on best practices and from providers specially trained in these practices. What's more, workers can get help from case managers who assist through coordination with employers—and who help workers develop a plan to get back on the job.

COHE for Employers

COHEs get injured workers better in a timelier, safer manner. That means employees get back on the job and back to their lives, which results in more productivity for employers. Employers are kept in the know by case managers and also benefit from the sound knowledge that their employees are receiving the highest quality care and service.

COHE for Providers

Providers get to deliver the best care possible for injured workers because they get training in best-practices and get continual support and feedback from their COHE. Clinic staff also gets training on administrative practices to support a streamlined operation that gets helps providers get workers from injury to recovery.

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