Programs, Services & Discounts

Your employees can take advantage of a host of healthy services included with their Group Health plan.

Fitness Club Discounts
With GlobalFit®, employees get discounts on more than 10,000 fitness facilities nationwide, plus exercise videos, and equipment.

Alternative Medicine Discounts
Receive a 20 percent discount on alternative care with Complementary Choices. No referral is necessary. No limit on visits. Includes acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic, yoga, tai chi, Pilates, and a personal trainer from our network of providers.

Tobacco Cessation Programs
If you have employees who are tobacco users, the Quit for Life® Program is designed to help them stop at no cost. The individual phone-based program includes the Web Coach® online tool. This program will give your employees the tools and assistance to quit for good.

Personalized Health Assessment
The Health Profile is a comprehensive questionnaire and report about lifestyle habits and family health history that can help your employees make positive and healthy changes.

Consulting Nurse
Whether your employees have an illness, injury, or just want medical advice, the Consulting Nurse helpline is there 24/7. A physician is on-site, too. In the Seattle area, call 206-901-2244. In the rest of Washington, and in Idaho, call 1-800-297-6877.

Classes and Events
Classes in parenting, coping with depression, caring for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and many other programs and events.

Health Care Library
The Healthwise® Knowledgebase is a one-stop health resource. Online database of health topics, medications, support groups, and more. Helps your employees make the right health decision based on reliable information.

Eye Care Services
Substantial discounts throughout the year on everything from designer frames and sunglass styles to contact lenses. Special discounts for federal employees, military, and retirees.