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Get a competitive edge to help you achieve lower health care costs and a healthier staff. We provide a comprehensive array of tools to assist you in addressing the health and wellness needs of your employees.

Wellness Solution

Group Health gives you the tools, services, and support you need to create a culture of wellness for your workforce. In addition to what we offer plan members, we have multi-level wellness packages, programs to encourage employees to practice healthier behaviors, plus screenings and reporting to help keep employees more aware of their health status and employers more informed.

Wellness Solution Packages

Care Management

Our care management programs are an integral part of the coordinated care support we provide outside the exam room. Whether your employees have symptoms in the middle of the night, chronic pain and complex conditions requiring ongoing monitoring, or need assistance choosing a treatment option where preferences are a factor, we have health tools and professionals on call to help.

Care Management Packages

Population Health Reporting and Consulting

We can provide the data and analysis you need to assess current employee health and engagement. Together, we can then design an effective action plan aimed at better health outcomes, higher productivity, and lower costs. Consulting services vary by group size.